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Download complete source code for .Net4.5.2 and .NET 4.0 WPF Extended Datagrid (Now you will be able to use normal Datagrid objects with this grid)

This is extended version of WPF toolkit DataGrid control.              
 Please note: As code of wpf datatgrid in wpftoolkit is moved inside ExtendedDataGrid project , kindly update Microsoft.Windows.Controls namespace  to ExtendedGrid.Microsoft.Windows.Controls to use existing objects (in case you are using Extended DataGrid of .Net3.5 version). 

 Make sure you are not using .NET Framework 4.0 client , if you are using change it to .NET Framework 4.0 and refer ExtendedDatagrid.dll in your project to use it without issue.

Click on links below to understand how to use features in this grid.

 This grid has features like

  1. Grouping By Drag and Drop
  2. Column Choosers.
  3. AutoFilter Control (Now support ICollectionView and DataTale as datasource).
  4. Export To Excel Feature.
  5. Copy Paste To Excel and Copy Paste From Excel To DataGrid.
  6. Three State Sorting.
  7. Displaying Sort Order If Multiple Sort is done.
  8. Export To PDF with formatting.
  9. Export To CSV.
  10. Column Splitter (Fixed Column)
  11. Row Footer
  12. Scroll ToolTip
  13. Row Reorder (Support  DataTale as datasource).
  14. Frozen Rows
  15. Row Number
  16. Row Summaries  (Support  DataTale as datasource).
  17. Themes
  18. Saving and Restoring Column Information.

Features in detail:

1: Grouping by drag and drop.

You can drag and drop to group by columns you desire.

Clicking on the cross button will remove the columns from the group.

One master cross button is available in right corner to clear all grouping.

2: Column Chooser

In this you can do following things.

  •  Column chooser with checkbox to make column visible and invisible.
  •  Select All checkbox is added.
  •  You can drag and drop a row from column chooser to move column in the main grid.
  •  By double clicking on any cell of column chooser you can edit the column header values.


3: Auto Filter

In this you can do following things.

  •  Auto Filter gives user ability to filter according to values by checking and unchecking checkbox.
  •  Select All checkbox is added.
  •  user can click on clear filter button to clear all filter.
  •  ClearFilter method is given in the grid to clear filter of specific column programmatically.
  • AlowAutoFilter in extended column gives abilllty to show or hide autofilter.
  • detailed glyph is shown to user to show if any filters are applied on the that column.
  • Search feature added to filter out the autofilter records.

auto filter

4: Copy Paste To Excel and Copy Paste From Excel To DataGrid.

In this you can do following things.

  • User can select multiple cells and copy DataGrid contents to excel by pasting it in excel,.
  • User can copy multiple cell content from excel to Datagrid.

5: Three State Sorting.

In the original grid, when clicking on a column header it will change sorting of the column starting from ascending to descending.  Unfortunately you cannot get back to the original state(which is no sorting) without adding your own custom logic for it.  To get back to the original state you have to set the column.SortDirection back to null and clear out the SortDescriptions that were added when you click on the column header.Here when you use extended datagrid you don't have to write any code for it.


6:Displaying Sort Order If Multiple Sort is done

When user performs multiple column sort in original grid used to show only the sort indicator up or down which is ascending or descending.But here sort order is displayed.

If you don't want to show Sort Order just set the ShowSortOrder to False.


7: Export To Excel with formatting.

You can export to excel in 2003 and 2007 format . You can even apply excel in built themes for table (which you can find in office 2007).

8:Export To PDF with formatting.

You can export to pdf  format . You can even apply excel in built themes for table (which you can find in office 2007).

9:Export To CSV.

You can even export grid content in csv format.

10: Column Splitter (Fixed Column)

Columns which are fixed would appear in left hand side and user has option of moving splitter.

11: Row Footer

You can add row footer at bottom of the grid.


                    <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
                        <TextBlock Text="RowsCount:" FontWeight="Bold"/>
                        <TextBlock Margin="3,0,0,0" Foreground="DarkGreen"  Text="{Binding ElementName=grid,Path=Items.Count}"></TextBlock>

12: Row Number

13: Row Reorder

14: Frozen Rows


15: Scrolling Tooltip

16Row Summaries

17: Themes

 8 new themes are added


18: Saving and Restoring Column Information

 Two methods GetColumnInformation and GetColumnInformation exposed for the user to save/retrieve

 column information.


WPF Extended DataGrid Demo Video

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