Auto Filter problems

Apr 30, 2013 at 9:18 PM
I have downloaded the latest release of this project and I have noticed a couple of issues with the Auto Filter.

1 - When the auto filter box is displayed and focus is changed to another program, window, etc., the box remains on top. This more just an annoyance than anything.

2 - When I bind the control to a CustomViewSource that I add to the StaticResources in the XAML and then try to auto filter the code bombs. It bombs in the AutoFilterHelper class in the FilterPredicate method on the first line: var row = _collectionViewDt.Rows[0]; At this point I have data bound and displaying in the grid, but when I try to filter on anything the code crashes.

This is a nice tool and I do like all of the functionality provided. There's just some bugs that need to be worked out. Overall, a very nice project.