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Column Choosers


Set the HideColumnChooser property to falseto enable column chooser and to disable set the property to false.

.<ExtendedGridControl:ExtendedDataGrid x:Name="grid" ItemsSource="{Binding SourceTable}" AutoGenerateColumns="False" HideColumnChooser="False" HeadersVisibility="All" Height="300"

                <ExtendedColumn:ExtendedDataGridTextColumn Header="Game Name" AllowAutoFilter="False"
                                           Binding="{Binding GameName}" />
                <ExtendedColumn:ExtendedDataGridTextColumn Header="Creator" AllowAutoFilter="False"
                                           Binding="{Binding Creator}" />
                <ExtendedColumn:ExtendedDataGridTextColumn Header="Owner"
                                           Binding="{Binding Owner}" AllowAutoFilter="False"/>
                <ExtendedColumn:ExtendedDataGridTextColumn Header="Publisher"
                                           Binding="{Binding Publisher}" AllowAutoFilter="False"
                                           CanUserSort="False" Width="*"/>




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mightyselva Feb 10, 2015 at 11:35 AM 
Hi bpoojary, If i want to make some columns can we do that...
Also when you choose to hide the columns..the viewmodel name is showing behind, why it we can fix it??